Ministry Evaluation

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Church Ministry Questionnaire

            Periodically it is beneficial to take a step back and look at how we are doing as a church and obtain feedback from the congregation on how we might improve the ministry of the church.  Even when we are overall satisfied with the health and direction of the church there are still areas that we can improve.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide you an opportunity go give us feedback both in what we are doing well and what areas we can improve upon.   Please place a number beside each statement that reflects your assessment of the issue:

1 = Excellent (We are doing exceptional in this area)

2 = Adequate (We are average, nothing exceptional, but no real concerns)

3 = Needs Attention (We have some concern in this area)

4 = Needs Immediate Attention (We are greatly concerned about this area)

                           Church Leadership

  The Character of the Pastor

 The pastor has a good reputation in the community 

The pastor demonstrates a Godly home

 The pastor is approachable

The pastor is friendly

The pastor demonstrates financial integrity

The Pastor demonstrates godly character

The pastor is trustworthy

I feel comfortable going to the pastor for counsel

I feel the pastor is someone I can model in my Christian life

                              The Preaching

The sermons give me a greater understanding of the Bible

The length of the sermon is appropriate. 

The sermon helps me in my daily life.

The sermons are relevant to my life.

The sermons provide answers for the problems I face.

The sermons challenge me in my spiritual growth. 

The sermons are uplifting and positive.  

The sermons are easily understood.

The sermons provide encouragement.

                     The Leadership of the Pastor

The pastor provides clear direction.

 The pastor is leading the church in the right direction spiritually.

The pastor is leading the church in the right direction organizationally.

 I am satisfied with the job the pastor is doing.

 The pastor provides direction for the programs and ministries of the church.

 The pastor listens to my concerns for the church.

 I would feel comfortable going to the pastor for counseling.

The pastor provides pastoral care when needed.

                            The Elder Board

The Board is providing spiritual leadership to the church.

The board demonstrates godly character.

The board members provide godly examples to follow.

The board listens to my concerns.

The board communicates effectively the issues confronting the church. 

Important decisions that are made are communicated to the congregation for opportunity for discussion and input.

Disagreements and conflicts within the church are handled appropriately.

Evaluating the Ministry of the Church

               The Fellowship of the Church

 The church is friendly.

The church is a place I would invite my friends.

I feel a part of the congregation.

The church provides opportunities for fellowship. 

I feel accepted in the congregation.

The congregation includes everyone in the fellowship.

People help each other during difficulties.

There is a strong sense of unity within our church.

When I come to this church, I feel I am a part of a large family. 

               The Outreach of the Church:

 People in the community know who and where we are.

This is a church I would invite my unsaved friends.

We do what we reasonably can to minister to the needs of people in the community.

We are doing all we can reasonably do to evangelize our community.

New people would feel comfortable in our church and feel welcome.

Our Mission’s budget is appropriate to the sizes and budget of our church.

I am aware of our missionaries and how to pray for them.

Our church is involved with the community.

                   The Worship of the Church:


The overall worship service meets my expectations. 

The music enhances my worship. 

The setting of the worship (lighting, seating, temperature, etc) is comfortable and enhances my worship.

We have a good balance in the styles of worship (i.e. contemporary, traditional, hymns, chorus, etc).

The length of the service is appropriate.

I feel that we are a praying church and prayer is a part of our worship service.

The worship service would be attractive to young families. 

       The Teaching and Discipleship of the Church:


 The teaching of the church helps me grow spiritually.

I know what I believe and why.

I know my spiritual gifts and how I can use them to build the church.

 Our church helps members deepen their personal, spiritual relationship with God.

 There are opportunities for me to serve in the church.

 The teaching of the church is thoroughly biblical.

 The Sunday School class is practical and helpful.

 Our church encourages my prayer life.

 I am confident in sharing the gospel with someone.

 I have a clear understanding of what our church stands for and believes in.

Overall Church Health

We have a healthy Church.

The morale of our church is high.

 People are generally excited about the future of the church

 People are excited about the direction our church is going.

 We are a church that teaches and applies the scriptures.

 We are a church that prays for one another and for others.

 We are a church that is fulfilling the Great commission of reaching and discipling people for Christ.

 Being at this church has made a significant difference in my relationship with Christ

Please answer the following questions: 

What is the one area that our congregation does best?

For your personal growth, what is the one area that you would like to see strengthened?

 If you could change one thing in our church, what would it be?

What is one thing our church could do to improve our outreach into the community?

In order to help us understand the overall health of our church please answer the following questions:

How long have you been regularly attending the church?

How often do you typically attend on Sunday:  Once a month, twice a month, three times a month, as often as I can.

Are you actively involved in a specific ministry of the church?

How many hours each week do you spend on preparing for a ministry?

Do you tithe regularly?

How often do you share your faith with someone?