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What we believe

We are living in the day when man is full of uncertainties; he is choosing to believe a lie rather than the truth. For this reason, it is timely that we at The National Fellowship of Christian Churches reaffirm to all what we believe.

We believe that the Bible, composed of the Old and New Testaments, is the Word of God; a Divine supernatural revelation.


We believe in the plenary and verbal inspiration of the original writings of the Scriptures and that, as thus given, they were holy and without error of any kind. We believe in one God; God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 1:2, Matthew 28:19).


We believe they are co-equal in power and glory, identical in their essential natures, attributes, and perfection and they are co-eternal (Genesis 1:2, John 17:5). As to His essential attributes, God is absolutely Holy while embracing the sum of all moral perfection (Peter 1:16). As to His essential character, God is love (John 3:16).


We believe that Jesus Christ "being the eternal Son of God," became man (Hebrews 2:16, John 1:4, Luke 1:35) and that He continues to be God in two distinct natures and one person forever (John 1:14, Romans 9:5, Hebrew13:8, Colossians 2:8). We believe that Jesus Christ was the last sacrifice and that He took on the office of Christ; the Master. We believe that you cannot get to the Father unless you go through the Son. (John 14:6) “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”


We believe that Jesus died upon the cross a vicarious death, thereby making atonements for the world (John 1:29). We believe that he is the only Savior (Acts 4:12). We believe that Christ Jesus arose from the dead; that He ascended into heaven and that there in His state of glorification He is now interceding High Priest, Intercessor and Advocate for all believers (Corinthians 15:20, Luke 24,Acts 1:2, Hebrews 2:17). We believe that as in His first advent, He became incarnate and dwelt on earth personally, bodily, and visibly in an earthly tabernacle of flesh - the body of His humiliation; even so in His second advent, He will return personally, bodily, and visibly - but in His body of glorification - to set up His kingdom and to judge the world in righteousness (Acts 1:9, 11, Thessalonians 4:13-28, Matthew 25:31-46, Rev. 20:4-6, 11-15).


We believe that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!



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