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We are Prophetic

The Prophetic

As no two people are the alike, the same divergent applies to prophets. There's an array of

variations in prophetic grace. Following is a list of 12 different variations of prophetic grace:

1). Dreamers and Visionaries-

Seers. Their main purpose is to awaken the people of God to the spirit realm.

2). Prophets Who Proclaim God's Corporate Purpose-

They are gifted to discern the times and seasons, give clarity to the overall

direction and purpose of the Body of Christ, enabling and encouraging the

Church to rise up into full maturity.

3). Prophets Who Proclaim God's Heart Standards for His People-

Their purpose is to usher in the fruit of the Spirit, nurture the character of

Christ, and promote purity and holiness.

4). Prophets Who Proclaim the Church's Social Responsibilities and Actions-

Their calling is to the needy who have no power and no champion for their

cause. The purpose is to establish righteousness and justice.

5). Prophets Who Speak Forth the Administrative Strategy of God with a Political


Those with this gift reveal deep administrative skills and devise strategies

that release and help foster the wise and smooth implementation of God's


6). Prophetic Worship Leaders Who Usher in the Manifested Presence of God

through Prophetic Worship-

These leaders help release people into the liberty of both expressing their

love for God and receiving God's love.

7). Prophetic Intercessors-

Receives a burden from God that releases intercession that can affect

individuals, communities, cities and even nations. Depending upon the measure of

sphere and authority granted by God, a prophetic intercessor may move under a

particular international burden.

8). Spirit-Bearers-

Individuals operating under this anointing often appear to be flighty or crazy, but

they don't care because they are caught up in following the wind of the Holy Spirit

in their lives.

9). Prophetic Counselors-

People with this anointing combine pastoral caring and healing understandings with

the prophetic. Being both compassionate and revelatory, they are able to see into

the hurts and wounds of individuals and can help release the spirit of


10). Prophetic Equippers-

This is a prophet/teacher combination. All the offices of the fivefold ministry are

provided for equipping the church and individuals. Some possess the teaching grace

that enables them to explain to others the ways of the Spirit and others perform

their ministry through modeling their lives.

11). Prophetic Writers-

Prophecy is not limited to verbal and visual communication. It may also come in

written form. Although not as common, prophetic writing is just as valid. The

prophetic writer has the gift to communicate more powerfully and effectively

through the written word than through the spoken word.

12). Prophetic Evangelists-

These are the ones who take the revelatory gifts anywhere and everywhere. This

type of anointing is greatly needed in our society and in our ordinary day-to-day


The prophetic anointing manifests in many diverse ways, but all arise from the same Holy Spirit

who gives as He wills. Thus we must walk in our own anointing and never compare ourselve by

someone else's anointing. We must be satisfied in seeking our own calling and walking in our

own anointing.

As Christians,



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